Stantonsburg, NC High School circa. 1920’s

Stantonsburg High School 3 Stantonsburg High School 2 Stantonsburg High SchoolA man named Jeff Owens just dropped off these three pictures of classes at Stantonsburg High School.  The older kids look like the 1920’s especially with the short hair on women and the mink stole. Only one image looks like high school age but he didn’t have any info on them except to say that everyone who knew anything about them in his family are dead.  Also, that his aunt is in the pictures, but I forgot to ask her name.

So if anyone can ID any of the students in the pictures, please let us know.


One thought on “Stantonsburg, NC High School circa. 1920’s

  1. Top photo (Stantonsburg High School 3)-First row of boys from the bottom, third boy from the right. My sister and I believe that child is our father, Francis Lucas Westbrook (born in 1909). He spent most of his childhood in Stantonsburg. His father was James Samuel Westbrook and his mother was Annie Lucas Westbrook who taught Biology and Latin at Stantonsburg High School. My father married Margaret Hannah Moore (daughter of A. M. Moore and Maggie Moore) of Wilson.

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