Three New Historical Markers in Wilson County

Mercy Hospital. Photo taken by Lisa Henderson.

Ava Gardner’s home in Rock Ridge. Gov. Jim Hunt is pictured 2nd from left.

The first amateur golf championship was held in Wilson in 1961.

Ava Gardner Genealogy Seminar

ava2avaAva Gardner’s Kissing Kin; A Genealogy Seminar is going to be held Saturday, April 12, 2012 at the Ava Gardner Museum in Smithfield, NC.  The museum director was in our library yesterday looking for a photocopy of the Gardner family Bible.  The original Bible was unfortunately sold to someone in New York by a local antique dealer for 20 dollars (He feels bad about it lol.)  There were copies made, but none of them made it here I’m afraid.

Ava Gardner at Atlantic Christian College


ava_gardner2One of my volunteers, Monk Moore, pointed out a picture of Ava Gardner in the 1941 Atlantic Christian College Yearbook.  It turns out she was only partly through her freshman year when she was found by a modeling agency and dropped out of college.   The picture lists her as being from Wilson, NC, which is where she lived with her mother and attended high school at Rock Ridge HS.

Monk also said that his uncle used to play the piano and Ava would stop by his house with her friend and listen.  Incredulously, Monk said that her friend was better looking than Ava. ava_gardner