Three New Books

New Books

A few new books donated from the Genealogical Society.

  1. White Slave Children of Colonial Maryland and Virginia: Birth and Shipping Records
  2. Richmond County, VA Marriages, 1668-1853
  3. Emigration to other States from Southside Virginia, Volume 2

One of the books has a problematic and misleading title, White Slave Children of Colonial Maryland and Virginia: Birth and Shipping Records.
These kidnapped children were not chattel slaves but indentured servants.  They may have been stolen from the streets of London or other large cities in the British Isles and most likely led hard and sometimes short lives, but at some point after they were either adopted or served out their indenture they would have been admitted into the population as full citizens as all white indentured servants in America were.  This is quite unlike the fate of enslaved Native Americans and African Americans, who had no rights and could never become full citizens.  So maybe the title should be Children Kidnapped from the British Isles and taken to the Mid-Atlantic States of North America to be  Indentured Servants: Birth and Shipping Records.

But, that being said, it is great that the author has compiled these records, because this is certainly an important genealogical resource for a group that has been overlooked in history.

Book Bonanza

books! books!!

Just put on the shelf some great new genealogical titles that were generously donated from the Wilson County Genealogical Society. In case you can’t read the pics, here’s their titles:

  1. Marriages of Some Virginia Residents, 1607-1800, Vols. A-Z
  2. Without Indentures: Index to White Slave Children in Colonial Records
  3. Jamestowne Ancestors, 1607-1699
  4. Surry County, VA Tithables, 1668-1703
  5. Surry County, VA Wills and Administrations
  6. Early Virginia Families Along the James River, vol. III
  7. Indexes to Irish Wills
  8. Spotsylvania, VA Records, 1722-1838
  9. Marriages and Death Notices from Camden, SC Newspapers, 1816-1865
  10. Deeds of Gates County, NC 1819-1828
  11. Deeds of Gates County, NC 1828-1833
  12. The Register of Albemarle County, Surry and Sussex Counties, VA, 1739-1778
  13. Virginia Tithables from Burned Record Counties
  14. Some Marriages in the Burned Record Counties of Virginia
  15. Virginia Revolutionary War State Pensions
  16. Emigration from Southside Virginia

New Book about the Great Dismal Swamp

a desolate place

There is a  new book called A Desolate Place for a Defiant People: The Archaeology of Maroons, Indigenous Americans, and Enslaved Laborers in the Great Dismal Swamp  and it is about the archaeology and history of the Great Dismal Swamp.  For some reason it came in under my radar but it was featured on NPR today and I have now ordered it.  Any of you who follow my blog know that the Great Dismal Swamp with its foreboding blackberry hells, alligators, cottonmouths and tannin-infused black-water was a vital cradle for the formation of North Carolina as it provided a refuge for Virginia runaway slaves, indentured servants, Native Americans and those fleeing the fallout of the failure of Bacon’s Rebellion.

The author, archaeologist Daniel Sayers, states that he has found the remains of a dozen log cabins, clay pipes,  gun-flints and many other items that would have been a part of the material culture of ten generations of African Americans and others that called this life-giving labyrinth home.

I cannot wait to read it!

For more about the Great Dismal Swamp and it’s place in NC history please refer to my earlier post on the singularly important book, A Very Mutinous People: The Struggle for North Carolina, 1660-1713  by Noeleen McIlvenna.

Even More New Materials

ImageThanks to the Wilson County Genealogical Society we have some super, new books!  I didn’t make the list all fancy today but there’s nothing wrong with a minimalist approach

  1. Duplin County Heritage
  2. Colonial Families of Surry and Isle of Wight Counties, VA, Vols. 3, 5, 6 & 8
  3. Colonial Records of Surry and Isle of Wight Counties VA, Vol. 11
  4. Abstracts of Pasquotank Co, NC, Deeds 1750-1770
  5. Abstracts of Currituck Co, NC Deed Books 3-4
  6. Annotated Abstracts of Colonial Currituck Co, NC Wills
  7. Abstracts of Carteret Co, NC Deeds, 1713-1759
  8. Annotated Abstracts of Southhampton Co, VA Deed Book 1, 1749-1753
  9. Abstracts of Beaufort Co., NC Deed book 2, 1729-1748
  10. Transcription of lower Norfolk Co. VA Wills and Deeds1656-1666
  11. Transcription of lower Norfolk Co. VA Records, Vol 2, 1651-1656
  12. A Very Mutinous People: The Struggle for North Carolina 1660-1713
  13. Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War, Vol. 1
  14. People and Plantations, Wayne County, NC 1701-1860
  15. Jamestown People to 1800: Landowners, Public Officials, Minorities, and Native Leaders
  16. Charles Lee Coon: North Carolina Crusader for Social Justice (From an anonymous donor)
  17. Charles Lee Coon (1868-1927): North Carolina Crusader for Educational Reform (From an anonymous donor)

Unsolved Murder in Jamestown

pistolWhen the remains of the individual known to archaeologists as JR102C was found in 1996, it was clear from the lead ball and shot fragments in his crushed leg that the young man had been murdered, probably in a duel.  Investigators may have uncovered the identity of the victim and the murderer from newly uncovered accounts of a duel in 1624 where a man named George Harrison (not the one in the Beatles) died after being shot in the leg.  The perpetrator of Mr. Harrison’s death was a Jamestown merchant named Richard Stevens.  Stevens should have stopped there but he later got in a fistfight with the Virginia Gov. John Hardy in 1635 and had his teeth knocked out.

Source The Archaeology News Network