Cumberland County Deeds are Digitized

cumberland county deedsI was doing some research for a patron today whose people moved up to Wilson County from Cumberland County at some point during Wilson’s agricultural boom, and found out that all of Cumberland County’s deeds are digitized and online here at the Cumberland County Register of Deeds website.  I knew that Cumberland County had an awesome local history library (they sent me some free books for one thing) but their register of deeds seems to be leading the way for the dissemination of information at the county level in NC.  I now decree that every other county in NC should follow their lead!

PS After some use, I have found that it is not easy to navigate unless you know the deed book and the page.  So you can’t just put in a name and it will retrieve everything associated with it (unless it is after 1983).  Yeah, not ideal, but the very determined person can find what they want.

Black Wide Awake: The Roots of Wilson’s African American Community

Black Wide Awake Wilson Program 4

Burn the date, Tuesday, February 9, 2016, into your brains because there is going to be a sublime program here at WCPL with a powerhouse of eastern NC, African American history and genealogy by the name of Lisa Y. Henderson.  That was a long sentence.

Ancestry Putting the Axe on Family Tree Maker

Untitled design

Many people will be upset by this.

Make ready your fainting couch because due to the declining software market, Ancestry will discontinue selling Family Tree Maker on December 31, 2015 and will stop supporting the software on January 1, 2017.  So better move your GEDCOM elsewhere.  Here’s the link.

I’d just go use the free My Heritage Family Tree Builder.  It is Free!

Link here.

Digitized Martin County, NC WWII Scrapbook And 1965 Gaston County Yearbook



A couple months ago a patron donated a very fragile Martin County World War II scrapbook.  It is a comprehensive collection of newspaper articles related to that crucial period of world history and Martin County’s place in it.  Martin County has very few artifacts that have been digitized by the Digital Heritage Center so I was very  happy  to  take it to Chapel Hill for them to scan, and it is now up on their website.

I also brought a 1965 Gaston County, Ashley High School yearbook that was my father’s.  Gaston County only has three yearbooks digitized and two of them were brought by me!  Pick up the slack Gastonians!

spinner 1965

spinner 1965 2

Dad was a lot more outgoing in high school than I was, but I was in high school during the the age of the slacker.