1925 Boy Scouts Memory Book

Last Friday I received in the mail a donation of a photo album from 1925 containing perhaps fifty photographs of Boy Scouts and the Stuckey family in Wilson, NC.  The High Point Museum originally received the memory book from the owner and thought that it should be in Wilson. So we are very grateful that they sent us this unique treasure.

Some of the subjects of the photographs include a Confederate veteran reunion, Camp Wilson, Charleston, SC, Camp Leach (doesn’t sound fun) in Beaufort County, NC, the Appalachians, and Bath, NC. I have digitized a few pages but it is so large I am going to take it to UNC Chapel Hill on Thursday to get it completely digitized and put up on Digital NC.

Photo Albums of Henry Battle


Unknown woman in Atlantic City, NJ.  Raines & Cox Studio Photo Collection, State Archives of North Carolina, Raleigh, NC.


Henry Battle in Italy? Raines & Cox Studio Photo Collection, State Archives of North Carolina, Raleigh, NC.

Raines and Cox Studio got its start in Wilson, NC in 1947 and went about documenting Wilson’s history, culture and people up until the 2000’s.  Guy Cox died a couple of years ago and his vast collection of mostly photographs and negatives were donated to the State Archives of North Carolina. I recently requested that they digitize the collection and the first fruits of this request are now on their Flickr page!  Hopefully with more to come soon.

The images are from two albums from the 1940’s owned by probable Wilsonian, Henry Battle. The images and the metadata suggest that he was a US Army soldier during the occupation of Italy? (my guess, they suggest eastern Europe).  The other album is from a trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey.


According to the 1940 census there was a Henry Battle (b. 1920) living in Rocky Mount, NC.

Two Unidentified Photos from Wilson County


The first unidentified photo I received from a patron who was in the library researching the Taylor family of Wilson and Nash County.  The photo was taken in Wilson at Winstead Photography studio, which I cannot pin down the date for because I can’t find them in any city directories from the 1890’s or early 1900’s.  Certainly their dress looks like the turn of the last century.  One of the men may be named Wade or Richard Taylor.

Unknown lady

Yesterday I went and visited Lewis Neal’s impressive Wilson County history collection that he has stored in his garage. This was a photo that he did not know who was pictured.  The photograph  was found in the old Drake theater on Nash street when they were cleaning it out.

State Troops and Volunteers

state troops and volunteers Yesterday a patron was looking for a book in the local history room and said, “I saw it here twenty years ago!”  Well it turned out that the reference copy had been absconded with before I got here but we still had one in the NCNF circulating collection.

The book is a collection of  photographs of NC Confederate Civil War soldiers called, State Troops and Volunteers: A Photographic Record of North Carolina’s Civil War Soldiers, Vol. 1. I had never even heard of the the book and it is a remarkable, painstakingly researched work that required collecting images from 320 families from all over NC.  And it is  the first work of its kind that didn’t rely on photos found in archives.  The author, Greg Mast, received so many photographs that he decided to end this volume in 1862 with the intention of publishing other volumes.  But the fact that this was published twenty years ago gives me the sinking feeling that there will not be any more volumes, which is very unfortunate.  However, there is still this one and there are some singular photographs in the book, including one collection of photographs from the Woodard family of Wilson County, a family that truly suffered more than most during this period. And much to my surprise there is a photograph of the brother of my great great grandfather.  I had never seen this photo of Ephraim Kale, who is a too young, fifteen years old when it was taken.  I have included the captions for both images in the post. Woodard_family_Civil_War     woodard_family2 ephraim_kale_15years ephraim_kale_15years2