New Cataloging Rules for the Local History Room


Where the magic happens.


New spine labels. 397 is the designate for NC, A095 means all of the state in general and the lower case letter at the end stands for what type of record. On this example the ‘m’ stands for marriage records and the ‘v’ stands for vital records.

Local history and genealogical collections generally don’t do well with the normal Dewey decimal system.  Dewey just isn’t detailed enough to be able to handle the specificity of these unique collections.  And our poor local history collection has suffered because of it.

So finally after years of threatening to to re-catalog the room to a more user friendly system, me and my trusty intern, Johnny, are re-cataloging the local history and genealogy room.  We have high hopes that the new system will be more intuitive than the old system and less of a laboratory for experiments in chaos theory.  I had a choice between a non-Dewey based system that is used in Wayne and Rowan Counties and another modified, more detailed Dewey based system.  I chose the latter because it integrates better with our existing system and  the State Archives county code classification.   The system is also in use at Braswell Memorial Library and the Tarboro Public Library where many of our patrons also frequent.