A History of Farming In Wilson County Through Tools

history of faming in wilson


My favorite tools are the draw knife and the antique bee smoker.

Created a display of historic farming tools in the first floor display cabinet.  Lewis Neal, Wilson County local history collector extraordinaire,  was kind enough to let me borrow several tools from his collection.    The farming tools are from different eras of Wilson’s past (those eras being cotton and tobacco) with some other odds and ends thrown in.

IMG_20151117_091334382 IMG_20151117_091325308 IMG_20151117_091258943 IMG_20151117_091248432

New Images of Wilson


I love planes!



It says Jones, Esso and Scene 2 on the clapboard

I found some more Photos in a scrapbook from the 1940’s.  The first picture is of a beautiful, unidentified girl holding onto the propeller of an airplane and the other is of a movie or commercial being filmed in a Wilson tobacco warehouse.  If someone has more information about these pictures, please let me know.

The Tobacco Hornworm has a Unique Defense


Eat me and you die, or get a buzz

This is tobacco country so it is safe to say that anyone who grew up in Eastern North Carolina is familiar with the ubiquitous tobacco hornworm.  Recently scientists have discovered that this caterpillar that feasts on tobacco plants has a very unique defense to deter spiders from having them for dinner.  This defense involves the nicotine that the hornworms take in while eating the plants.

Each day the caterpillar ingests six times the lethal dosage of nicotine for humans.

Most of the nicotine they excrete in their waste, but they keep some of it which they breath out of their spiracles (breathing holes) and this halitosis warns spiders that they are toxic.  So unless the spider is a 2 pack a day smoker, they will leave the little guy alone.

Source io9, PNAS