Wilson County Artifacts Now Online at Digital NC


A unique electric lamp (that may have also been a fan) with seashells that was made by Nestus Freeman.


A page out of the Jesse S. Barnes Camp of the United Confederate Veterans Ledger. It is a great genealogical resource for the death dates of Confederate veterans who died before 1913, when death certificates were first issued.

All of the Oliver Nestus Freeman artifacts from the ONF Round House African American Museum are now online at Digital NC.

Also the Jesse S. Barnes Camp of the United Confederate Veterans Ledger is also online at Digital NC.

Round House African American Museum Digital Project


A terrible picture that I made of the C clamp that Oliver Freeman used to build his structures.


One of his art pieces with the shell motif that is routinely found in African American cultural objects.


A blurry picture of a glass washboard. I didn’t know such things existed before I saw this one.


A well-used shoe shine box, with all of its accessories.

Yesterday I brought all of he artifacts related to the great builder, Oliver Nestus Freeman, that are housed at the Oliver Nestus Freeman Round House African American Museum to the NC Digital Heritage Center at UNC Chapel Hill.  There the photographer made digital images of all of the 3D objects while the 2D objects were scanned by the over head scanner (we called it the Zeutschel at USC) or by the overhead digital camera. It was really interesting seeing the photographer at work.  I helped him arrange the objects and he made many pictures trying to get each one just right.  Soon the images will be up at the Digital NC website for all to enjoy. In the near future more materials will be taken from the ONF Round House Museum to be digitized so stay tuned.