Great Turnout at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Wilson County Genealogical Society


Last Tuesday there were 50 people in attendance for the 25th anniversary celebration of the Wilson County Genealogical Society, which is a great turnout.  There were tables set up for attendees to peruse some of the highlights of the Society’s 25 years.  The president, Joan Howell, eloquently recollected all the great work that the Society has done over the years and then drew names for a raffle that gave out genealogical books that the society has published during the society’s quarter of a century.  I played a Power Point on the new cataloging rules (people were mesmerized!) and then led a couple of tours of local history room.  Also, there was  diversity in the attendees.  And it wasn’t only cultural diversity, but also age diversity.  I think there were quite a few people under 60 there, which along with cultural diversity is important if the society is going to survive for the next ten years.