Wilson in the Early 1960’s


Someone recently asked me if I had a picture of Ray’s Drive-in and I said no. But now I do and unfortunately I didn’t write down the person’s name.


Seat belts extra.


Awesome picture of an integrated business during the early 1960’s.


Not sure what is going on here Fike High School, but they look like they’re enjoying it.

I am almost finished re-cataloging the entire local history and genealogical collection which has been a big task but I have had some good help.

However, it might have taken less time if  I wasn’t eternally distracted when I have a book in my hands because I am always reading them and or looking at the pictures.

Above are some images from Wilson’s past that I gleaned from high school yearbooks.

Harry S. Truman in Wilson


I’m not sure when this photo was taken but I want to say the early to mid 1960’s because I believe that is Gov. Terry Sanford is in the foreground and he was governor from 1961-1965.

Now that I think about it, it might be the campaign trail for Sanford in 1960.

And that is Governor Luther H. Hodges beside him.