Our State Magazine, Now Digitized


A thorough overview of the Wilson County economy in 1964.


Actually it was the hired thugs of the out of state mill owners who reared their ugly heads.

The North Carolina themed magazine, Our State, is now digitized and can be viewed at Our State Digital Collection.  The magazine started in 1933 and is chock full of North Caroliniana.  And since it has gone online I have looked up articles as disparate as the 1929 Loray Mill Strike in Gastonia and the reintroduction of elk in the Great Smokey Mountains.  There is even a whole issue devoted to Wilson County!

Warning: I started playing with their search engine and I almost missed my lunch break an hour later.


My sister used to live near where the elk were reintroduced and I would hike around where they were supposed to be but they always eluded me.