Hurricane Hazel in Wilson, 1954

Wilson County Fair after Hurricane Hazel I

Wilson County Fair after Hurricane Hazel (Raines and Cox Photography)

Destroyed Business-Hurricane Hazel-1954 (courtesy of Keith B

Destroyed Business-Hurricane Hazel-1954 (photo by Keith Barnes)

My grandparents had a beach house in Myrtle Beach in the 1950’s and the story in our family was that when they visited the house after Hazel struck every house around it for blocks was leveled but their house still stood for some inexplicable reason.  I thought about that story and about my own experiences with Hurricane Hugo (it put a giant pine tree through our living room in Gastonia, NC and we didn’t have power or school for two weeks) when I looked at these pictures that I found on a DVD in my desk drawer.  Hazel was still a category 3 hurricane when it reached Wilson; it was still a hurricane when it reached Toronto Canada!  Hazel was a powerful and massively destructive storm that lives on in the Carolinas in stories and photographs.


The path of Hurricane Hazel (image from Wikipedia)

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