Carraway and Batts, Dealers in Liquors, Groceries, Cigars, Tobacco, etc.


Looks like Mrs. SJ Carraway took some classes or was giving to the institute.


I think that this was an early form of life insurance.


This was printed on the back of the MB&R certificate. A great genealogical resource for death dates before death certificates.


A page from the saloon’s receipt pad. The two circles are probably where the metal receipt holders went through.


1886 liquor license for Carraway and Batts.


William P. Carraway owned one share in the Farmer’s and Mechanics’ Association.

These documents are a brief glimpse into a short-lived venture between William P. Carraway and John Batts called Carraway and Batts Liquor, Groceries, Cigars, Tobacco & Co. that was part of the Monk Moore collection.  I believe that it would have been called a saloon and it existed sometime between 1884 and 1890. I know this because it doesn’t appear in the 1884 City Directory or the 1890 one.  But in 1890, a saloon is listed as being owned by John Batts, leading one to wonder what happened to Carraway.  His share could have been bought out, but it does look like he had some life insurance, I’m not insinuating anything, but he was probably murdered (jk).