Scottish Research Online Resources


Declaration of Arbroath is the declaration of Scottish independence from 1320.  It is an early record with many (elite) Scottish names attached to it.

Last Tuesday I went to Braswell Memorial Library in Rocky Mount, NC to listen to a presentation by Craig R. Scott, CG on Scottish Research.  It was a very thorough discussion (over 2 hours) and I couldn’t even begin to go over everything he touched on here.  I am interested in Scottish history and family research but a lot of the materials about clans,  tartans and heraldic baubles I find kitschy and historically iffy, but he didn’t really touch on that much. I am going to try and do some research on my family  based on his presentation and I will post my findings at some point. Here are the online resources:

Family Search- searchable database of indexed Scottish Church and civil records as well as family trees.

GenUki– links to other sites with helpful genealogical resources and databases for the UK and Ireland.  It is organized by country, then county, then parish, and by topic

Scotland’s People– a fee-based government site, searchable databases of civil, census, church, and probate records, as well as other info and links.

National Archives of Scotland– Access to the archive’s online catalogue and information and research tools.

National Library of Scotland– an online catalogue of the library’s vast book collection and maps, including some viewable online.

Scottish Archive Network– links to the website of every archive in Scotland, research tools, and handwriting guide.

Scotland’s family– link to other sites with helpful genealogical resources and databases for Scotland. It is organized by topic. Includes parish maps for each county.

Scotland’s Churches after 1700– Articles on places and people.

Vision of Britain– Groome’s Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland.

Rampant Scotland– links to information on topics for Scotland

Electric Scotland– links to information on numerous topics for Scotland, and Groome’s Ordnance Gazatteer of Scotland.

Statistical Accounts of Scotland 1791-1845– statistical accounts give historical background information on each individual parish of Scotland.

The Scottish Genealogy Society– genealogical resources held by this society.

The Heraldry Society of Scotland– heraldry in Scotland and its proper use.

Internet Archive Library– birth registers from the Scottish Record Society


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