The Singing Stream, Tuesday, August 16th

The Singing Stream Poster with date

I’m excited to be showing The Singing Stream at our library in August.  This new edition of the classic 1985 film has 54 minutes of new material filmed in 2015 of the surviving members of the Landis family.

From the back of the DVD a review of A Singing Stream: A Black Family Chronicle by Frye Gaillard in the Charlotte Observer:

“With their roots running deep into the rich tobacco flatlands for eastern North Carolina, the Landises made their way from tenant farming to landowner status in the hard years of the Depression and WWII.  They survived- with their sense of kinship and identity intact- the dispersal of the family members for jobs in the north and the rapid racial changes of the civil rights movement…[On] any list of the ingredients of black progress in America there is probably none more important than the historic strength of the extended black family.  A little epic…positive…uplifting.”

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