WCPL Librarians Meet Author Irving Stone in 1968


Author Irving Stone, library director Nancy Gray (with the cat eye glasses) and librarian Faye Howell. Nancy Gray was the first Library Director of WCPL starting in 1939 and retiring in 1971.

I found this photo of one of our library scrapbooks.  Library director Nancy Gray and librarian Faye Howell were attending the 86th annual American  Library Association Conference in San Francisco in June, 1968 when they got a photo of them with the popular (at least in the 1960’s) historical fiction author, Irving Stone.  His most famous book was the Agony and the Ecstasy (1961), which was about Michelangelo being contracted by Pope Julius II (the warrior Pope) to paint the Sistine Chapel.  Michelangelo was not really into it and conflict ensues!  I really only knew the movie (1965) of which I had watched snippets  on TBS.  Rex Harrison is Pope Julius II and Charlton Heston is the scene chewing Michelangelo painting a dang dirty ceiling.


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