1915 South Carolina Birth Certificates are now Online

Nell Welsh BC

This is my grandmother’s sister’s birth certificate. I guess her parents had not thought up a name for her yet. Some copies, like this one are a bit light. I can’t even read her mother’s name, which should be Alice Hilton.

Nell Welsh

Here is where she added her name to the the blank birth certificate in 1966.

This is awesome- South Carolina birth certificates for the year 1915, the first year they were issued, are now online at South Carolina Electronic Records Archive.

South Carolina had cut the funding for their Department of Archives and History so much in the past decade that they could hardly staff the place, and I knew several people who had lost their jobs.  Well they must have somebody over there because last month they released this digital bombshell.

Thanks to the Dead Librarian at the Richland Library in Columbia, SC, for the heads up.


One thought on “1915 South Carolina Birth Certificates are now Online

  1. I loved this site. I am doing research on Wilson, NC, because my grandfather, Arthur Tart, is from there. He was born around 1892 or 1893. On 12/3/11, he married Carrie Iona Bass or Cauro Bass, I do not know if any children were born unto this union, but I would like to know. By 1920, he was living in Chicago, and had married my grandmother, Cornelia. They had 5 children and he died in 1928, form diabetics. He was 37 or 38. My grandmother stated that he worked for the railroad, maybe B&O. I also found him in the 1917 directory for Wilson, NC. After reading about Wilson, during that era, I was amazed to find out that so many African American doctors, businessmen, attorneys, brick masons, draymen, preachers, etc. came from there, not to mention the educators. (I am a retired educator, myself.) I have an oil painting of my great grandmother. She has a gold medallion around her neck, on a gold chain. She also has 3 BRIGHT gold rings on her fingers. Additionally, she is wearing glasses. I was told that my grandfather’s family, had a little money. I know that my grandfather and grandmother, were able to read and write and my grandfather had a beautiful handwriting. I understand that a man named, Barnes, was one of the early photographers in NC. I have intentions on visiting Wilson, in search of a picture of my grandfather and to find out his mother’s name. I have been told, that a lot of Tart’s, moved away over the years, thus, I think it is safe to assume, there is no one for me to talk to, however, I am going to visit the birth place of my grandfather.

    Thank you for publishing this information on your web site.

    Linda Tart

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