The Boykin Family of Wilson in 1935 and 1963


Uriah W. Boykin (1856-1936) is in the center and to the far right with the white hat is his son, Stephen Ransom Boykin (1895-1982).  Stephen owned Wimpy’s, a lunch counter and pool hall on Tarboro Street between Barnes and Keenan in Wilson, NC.  Uriah’s wife and Stephen’s mother, Smitha Jane Barnes Boykin, died in 1919.  Stephen’s wife, Nannie Davis Boykin  (1896-1970), is the third from the left.


Carol Arthur is the second man on the back row from the left. His wife, Janice Boykin Arthur, is to the right of him and is the daughter of Stephen and Nannie Boykin who are on the front right.


Today one of my patrons, Carol Arthur, brought two photos of the Boykin family.  There are a goodly amount of Boykins in this area so let’s just call this the Uriah Wesley/Smitha Barnes Boykin clan.


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