WWI 156th Depot Brigade, Camp Jackson, SC

WWI Fort Jackson

Click photo to embiggen. The photo had been tightly rolled up for years, leading to some difficulties in scanning it as you can see from the ghostly visage on the right.

Here is another panoramic photograph that I digitized recently from the same patron.  Supposedly, Wilson County resident,  Fate Bass, is in this photo and you will win the prize if you can find him.

This is of the 156th Depot Brigade.  The depot brigades trained and outfitted troops to be sent to the front lines of France during WWI.

Below is a panoramic photo of the 156th and their bivouacs from the Library of Congress, also at Camp Jackson and dated September 5, 1918.

156th depot brigade

Photo borrowed from the Library of Congress


3 thoughts on “WWI 156th Depot Brigade, Camp Jackson, SC

  1. Awesome pics. Thank you so much. You would not happen to have a list of the men there at the time of photo?!!! That would be so great but I’m sure there is not a list but can’t hurt to ask.
    God Bles

  2. This is great! My Great Grandfather Chester A Joslin according to his WW1 military service abstract was there in Spet/ October of 1918! Do you happen to know when the first photo was taken?

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