Colony Theater

colony theater image

Colony Theater in Wilson sometime after it closed in 1983

Colony theater ticket

Not long ago I had a post on the Drake grindhouse theater in Wilson, NC, which was originally the Carolina theater.  Well there was another Carolina Theater and according to the internets, the old Carolina theater became Drake theater when this one opened in  at 129 S. Goldsboro St. on 23 November 1939.  Then in 1960, the “new” Carolina theater became the Colony theater.

Recently, one of my colleagues found a ticket from the Colony theater in a donated book.  I’m not sure what year the ticket was issued but it was to a Flintstones movie, A Man Called Flintstone, that originally opened in 1966.  However, for some reason I doubt it was a first run movie at the time of the ticket, so the ticket could have been issued sometime between 1966 and the theater’s closing in 1983.  The theater is now demolished and is a parking lot.

Check out this site, DocSouth, and their superb digital exhibit on NC movie theaters, Going to the Show, for the original architectural plans of the theater and a bit more history.




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