Cumberland County Deeds are Digitized

cumberland county deedsI was doing some research for a patron today whose people moved up to Wilson County from Cumberland County at some point during Wilson’s agricultural boom, and found out that all of Cumberland County’s deeds are digitized and online here at the Cumberland County Register of Deeds website.  I knew that Cumberland County had an awesome local history library (they sent me some free books for one thing) but their register of deeds seems to be leading the way for the dissemination of information at the county level in NC.  I now decree that every other county in NC should follow their lead!

PS After some use, I have found that it is not easy to navigate unless you know the deed book and the page.  So you can’t just put in a name and it will retrieve everything associated with it (unless it is after 1983).  Yeah, not ideal, but the very determined person can find what they want.


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