A good barber and most exemplary man.

Exciting new blog on African American genealogy and history in Wilson County, NC from the true expert on the subject, local phenom Lisa Henderson.

Black Wide-Awake


Wilson Mirror, 15 November 1893.


Lemon Tabon, the barber so well known to all our people as a good barber and most exemplary man — quiet and orderly in his conduct, was attacked with paralysis on Tuesday Oct. 31, and died at his home in Wilson on the night of the 12th of November leaving as good name as that of any one white or black who has lived amongst us. He began his career at Wilson several years before the war, went as servant to Capt. J[acob] S. Barnes and remained in the 4th regiment till the close of the war — returning resumed his business as barber.


Lemon Taborn (later spelled Tabron) was born free about 1834 in Nash County, North Carolina, to Celia Taborn. He moved to the town of Wilson before 1860.


The Wilson Advance, 24 September 1880.

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One thought on “A good barber and most exemplary man.

  1. Awww! Thanks for your support, Will! I’m having lots of fun researching and digging through my files for these posts. I want to feature not only the well-known actors in Wilson County African-American history, but everyday men and women. (By the way, Lemon Tabron’s descendants were my neighbors growing up and still live in Wilson. The past is present!)

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