Wilson County Deeds


A partial page out of a Wilson County Deed book reel. Note the encircled words enfeofe(e)d. This means to (under the feudal system) give (someone) freehold property or land in exchange for their pledged service. Wilson was a bit feudal back then.

Most North Carolina counties in our local history collection have a collection of deeds that some dedicated (or crazy) citizen abstracted or transcribed into book form.    But no one in Wilson County ever took on that daunting task, that is until now.

I have decided to transcribe all the Wilson County deeds that we have on microfilm for eventual publishing in book form.  But, in order for me to not lose my marbles from doing something this tedious and mind numbing, I have rounded up some help, Johnny the intern and Elizabeth the super transcriber.  There are 34 reels of microfilm for these deeds so we may already have a successful colony on Mars by the time it is finished.


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