Redwood Tree in Wilson

redwood tree 1redwood tree 2Wilson, NC has the tallest tree in the world.  Not this one specifically, but the Coastal Redwood tree (Sequoia sempervirens) is the tallest species of tree in the world and Wilson has one.  A friend pointed it out to me recently and today I took some pictures.  I heard that it was one hundred years old and it is fairly girthy and as tall as the tallest hardwood around, but it is no Hyperion (the tallest tree in the world at 379.7 feet and 600 years old),  but it is very beautiful. I wish I knew the history of how it got here,  maybe one of my readers will tell me.

Update It seems that Our State Magazine had an article on the trees. There are actually ten of them and they are about 60 years old.  Read the piece for more info.


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