Barnes Church, a Former Slave Church still standing in Wilson County


barnes_church_descriptionI recently came upon this photograph in the local history room tucked away in a mailing envelope.  Although this image was taken in 1981, I have been told that this church is still standing.  I am planning on verifying this for myself in the near future.  If it is still  in existence, it is a singularly important historical artifact for the county and the state.


4 thoughts on “Barnes Church, a Former Slave Church still standing in Wilson County

    • So I wonder if any of John and Jane mobley both mulattoes and daughter rhode mobley married to Ben Barnes their children ,Martha,Mattie,Hattie,Ben,and Annie Barnes attended this church

      • Carolyn, sorry it has taken so long to reply to your comment. I looked in our cemetery books and I could not find a Jane Mobley, but I will keep poking around and see if I can find anything elsewhere.

  1. Are you aware of a slave girl listed as mulatto said to be a queen(fair smooth completion) buried in a all white cemetary known as Jane Mobley marry to John Mobley also mulatto she died in 1932 still living with a white family in wilson co old south plank road ,census listed also ward 5.if you know of any info or grave location I would appreciate the info this is my great great great grandmother and this info of being a child queen around age 7 has been passed down for generations

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