Crossing the Tracks an Oral History of East and West Wilson


Oliver Nestus Freeman Roundhouse Museum in East Wilson

I am pleased to announce that the Wilson County Local History and Genealogy room is collaborating with Barton College on an oral history project about East and West Wilson.  The director of Barton College’s Hackney Library, George Loveland, describes the project:

Crossing the Tracks: An Oral History of East and West Wilson is a partnership between the Round House Museum, Barton College’s History Department, and Hackney Library. In the spring of 2013, Barton College students began interviewing Wilson residents about social, cultural, political, and economic relations between residents of East and West Wilson, and how these have changed over the past sixty to seventy years.

Students involved in the project will use our local history resources as references for the written portion of the project.  This week a student perused our Wilson high school yearbook collection for participants in the project (he found some).  I also helped him pin down the date (1969-1970) for the extension of Hines Street into East Wilson.  The extension impacted many houses in the area including houses lived in by project participants.

Check out information about the project and listen to recorded interviews at this link


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