Franklin County Records part 2

It was brought to my attention that the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Cultural Resources, Kevin Cherry has responded to the uproar surrounding the recent burning of some Franklin County Records, which can be read here.  As with most problems that involve a number of people with different perspectives in how a problem should be resolved, there are some who are not going to be happy with the outcome.  From my patrons’ perspective, the genealogists,  every record could lead to a lost ancestor or new information on a known ancestor and destruction of a record could mean a permanently shut avenue for investigation.  But from an archivists point of view there are established best practices that dictate how documents are to be preserved and which documents are to be preserved.   Determining which documents are to be preserved involves many factors, but in this case it was determined that the ones to be destroyed were duplicates, confidential material with personal and medical information, or drafts.  Likewise, if all the documents that were destroyed fell under those parameters then there shouldn’t be a problem (well much less of a problem, genealogists don’t truck with any record destruction).  I will go along with Kevin Cherry’s response and believe that everything was done according to proper procedure, but the situation was handled in too much of a heavy handed fashion, one that left many of the participants feeling run-over or ignored.


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