New Whitley Family Cemetery


Family cemetery in Wilson County, NC. Photo by Billie Womble

A group from Pennsylvania were in the library last week and had knowledge of a Whitley family cemetery that was not in the Wilson County Cemetery books.  This one is just north of Saratoga and contains eleven graves from the Whitley family.  My volunteer, and Whitley family researcher, Monk Moore, had never heard of it before.  Today we were combing the internet to see how they found it and we stumbled accross it on the site Find A Grave.


2 thoughts on “New Whitley Family Cemetery

  1. Monk Moore- I have searched for over 25 years to find the grave of H. S. “Si” Whitley and that of his son Robert. He was murdered in 1890 and his son was with him and shot and killed too. Infamous man. Whitley and my husband’s great grandmother, Nancy Strickland, had many children together and we have not been able to locate anything about her except for census records from 1850 to 1910. We do not know where she is buried and all five counties I have visited have no records on her. She was known to have ran a board house in Stantonsburg or in Wilson. Help please.
    Sharon Strickland

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