Archiving Family Films and Photos


We ate so much pie that day!

The New York Times has part 2 up of the series about preserving your family archives.  This part deals with archiving family films and photos.

  1. 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film- Bertram Lyons states that you should want a viewable print of the the film as well as preserving the original medium.  Transferring the  film to a new medium is a complex process so you should use reliable vendors, one source for vendors is the Association of Moving image Archivists but he lists more.
  2. Digital Photo Library Preservation- Back up hard drives with external hard drives and online storage services as additional backup. Also make sure that you have good descriptive data for your images.
  3. Preserving Slides and Photos- Lyons says that these are robust formats and they only need cool, dark, dry places and non-PVC plastics and acid-free folders and boxes.  Inventory your collection and look for vendors who create non-compressed archival Tiff files of 600 ppi.Go to the NY Times for more questions and answers on preserving film and photos.

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