Unique Dutch Gravestone Unites Spouses


Old Cemetery, Roermont, Netherlands

This is one of the most interesting gravestones that I have seen.  The wife was a woman from the nobility and Catholic, the husband was a Colonel in the Dutch Calvary but also a commoner and Protestant.  The town cemetery in Roermont didn’t let Catholics and Protestants be buried in the same area.  This posed a problem for the couple when they went to their rewards.  The wife died last and she eschewed her family vault to be buried as close to her husband as possible and united in a symbol that connects the two across the wall.  They are probably the coolest 19th century Dutch people that I have seen.

Source Laughing Squid, Varik

One thought on “Unique Dutch Gravestone Unites Spouses

  1. Seems silly when you think about it, that husband and wife could not be buried next to each other. Still some of that goes on even today. I have a few Catholic / Protestant stories in my own family. I enjoyed reading and looking over your blog.

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