Grave Dowsing


Yesterday I listened to William B. Kittrell of Pitt County, NC give a program on Cemetery dowsing.  It was a lot more interesting than I thought it was going to be thanks to Mr. Kitrell’s lovely personality. Unfortunately for me I am way overburdened with an unhealthy measure of rationality to believe that it works.  But thanks to Mr. Kittrell’s enthusiasm I did find myself thinking “of course you could find out the sex of someone decomposed to dust and six feet underground by balancing a bent coat hanger on your finger.”  before I snapped back into burdensome reality.  It does look fun though and the man knows a truckload about graveyards being that he has explored over 800 of them.  Likewise, he has a real passion for life (and death) that anyone could envy.

Here’s two resources, one enthusiastic and one skeptical.  A Grave Interest
Grave dowsing Reconsidered


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